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Salaam alaikum            السلام عليكم

Hi, I am Raad, and together with my family, I run Magic Bedouin Star, a Bedouin camp in the heart of the Wadi Rum desert. We are a people of the desert, with our roots planted deep in Wadi Rum. Thus, you’ll have the most authentic and traditional experience of Bedouin life here in our camp.


An important part of our culture is to be warm and welcoming and make people feel like part of our family. So don’t worry, we’ll welcome you with open arms, traditional food, music and dancing, and open-hearted conversations. 


The camp is surrounded by an incredible Mars-like landscape and when the sun goes down, you’ll see a night sky so beautiful you won’t believe it. During your stay, you can avail of the many tours we offer, climb sand dunes to enjoy panoramic views at sunset, scale mountains, ride camels, or simply relax in the unique silence of the desert.



Wadi Rum, also known as the valley of the moon, is inhibited by seven tribal groups of Bedouin origin. Once living a nomadic lifestyle, most Bedouin families now live in the Wadi Rum village, with each family owning a piece of the desert, passed on from their older relatives.


Tourism is the primary source of income for many Bedouin families, who wish to share their homes with their guests and teach them about their way of life and the history of the Bedouin people here in Wadi Rum. There are no better people to journey into the desert with and discover the wonders of Wadi Rum Reserve.


The protected area of the Wadi Rum desert holds countless sandstone mountains, creating a valley with a Mars-like landscape. The colour of the sand changes with the sun, and it’s showing off in a bright orange most of the day. Wadi Rum is also the home of many prehistoric inscriptions and carvins, embedded in rock canyons and formations. It offers guests something extraordinary at all times, from the bright orange landscape during the day to the shimmering stars and clearly visible Milky Way at night. 


It’s a unique and unrivalled place, and there’s a certain type of magic and mystique that you’ll only feel by being here.


So, come join us and experience it for yourself!


Any questions? I'm here to answer.

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