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Ever wondered what it is like to live in the desert, totally disconnected from the rest of the world? To experience a place so beautiful and untouched that it has earned a place on UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites list? Or maybe you’ve seen The Martian, and wondered what it’s like to live in a place such as Mars?

Stay in one of our Bedouin tents and experience it for yourself!



Our traditional Bedouin tents are made out of sheep hair, which makes them warm and cozy during the cooler desert nights. Each one is carpeted, has a lock on the door, electricity, and a window for some extra air and a beautiful view. The tents are simple but comfortable. Everything you need in order to have a good night’s rest.


1 person: 25 JOD
2 people: 50 JOD 

people: 75 JOD
4 people: 100 JOD

For lager groups, please fill out the booking form here, for special rates.


Looking for a romantic getaway? Are you longing for a relaxing morning in bed with an incredible view right in front of you? Treat yourself, or someone else, to a one-of-a-kind experience in the Jordanian desert here at Magic Bedouin Star camp by booking the Honeymoon tent!


Staying in our Honeymoon tent will let you enjoy the breathtaking views of the desert while staying in bed for as long as you want. At night, bring a cup of tea to your tent and enjoy the view of the shining stars against a black desert sky. It truly is like nothing you have seen before.


The tent is situated on a mountain ledge above the other tents in the camp. Thus, you’ll have an exclusive spot and view of the desert valley, certainly suited for a special occasion or any romantic getaway.

We have added some additional features to the Honeymoon tent, compared to the rest of the tents in the camp. So while we still want you to feel that bedouin way of living, we also wish for this tent to provide that extra bit of comfort.

The tent includes a lock on the door, electricity, a large and luxurious bed, a dresser with a big mirror, and plenty of blankets. Like the other tents, the Honeymoon tent also has a sliding window that you can open and close as you like. Unlike the other tents, though, it also has a large set of glass windows where you’ll always be able to enjoy the view, even from the bed.


2 people: 75 JD

Please note that this tent can accommodate 2 people.

Due to its location, it might not be suitable for people with mobility issues.

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