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Should you have any questions about the Wadi Rum Protected Area, we hope you will ask us when you arrive. For now, we have listed a bit of information here that will be useful for you prior to arrival and upon arrival.

Wondering what clothes to bring, how cold it will be, or whether or not you need sunscreen or sunglasses in the desert?

If you have even more questions, we’ve created an FAQ list for you, so feel free to have a read, and we’re certain your questions will not remain unanswered.

Wondering how to get to a camp located in the middle of the desert, or how to get from the airport and further into Jordan?

Supposing you’re still confused and have questions about the camp or Wadi Rum, please do not hesitate to head over to our CONTACT page and start typing. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible, with all the answers you need.

Travel into the desert, visit classic and hidden places of Wadi Rum, see the bedouin life behind the deep dunes, ride camels, feel the sun and enjoy a tea seeing an incredibles views. Read about all of the available options and choose your next adventure!

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