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Bedouin Tea

This is one of the most ancient traditions, a millenary drink that accompanied our people through the centuries. The Bedouin Tea is an entire experience, and it’s really important for us sharing it with our friends.

What is the meaning of the tradition of Bedouin Tea

There’s no only a drink, is about the entire moment. Usually, join to have a Bedouin Tea is a way to stay together and share with people that you like.

Beside to a fire place, around tables or just seated on the floor seeing the nature is one of the best moments in Wadi Rum. We love to spread our tradition and the Bedouin Tea is ever available in our camp, with the breakfast, dinner and on the tours. Boiled in the fire or in the kitchen, the kettles are all day with us to share a part of us.

How it’s made the Bedouin Tea

The most important ingredient are the black tea sleeves. Then, there’s different ways to prepare it. The sugar is under the taste of every person, meanwhile the tea is boiling we can add some to mix the flavors meanwhile is getting ready.

The sage is one of the most common additives, that are many of these. Depends on the region here in Middle East, you could find with Cinnamon, Cardamon, Mint, and more. The traditional way to boil the Bedouin Tea is directly on the fire, as we do in our place.

For us, have the chance to share a cup with our customers is the best way to introduce ourselves and live an special moment. When we are offering a cup of tea, means that we’re opening our place and our souls to give a entire experience to you.

As a real Bedouin family, in our table is always available a cup for new friends in Magic Bedouin Star.

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