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  • How much is the entrance fee to the Wadi Rum Protected area through the visitor center?
    It costs 5 JD per adult person to enter Wadi Rum. If you have the Jordan Pass, you can enter for free. You’ll have to show the Jordan Pass or buy a ticket in the visitor center upon arriving at Wadi Rum. There’ll be an additional 35 JD fee, if you’re planning on bringing your car into the protected area and driving off-road.
  • Where do the tours start?
    All of our tours start from the Wadi Rum Village (approximately 7 km from the visitor center), in the Wadi Rum Resthouse, unless you’re staying at our campsite on the previous night, then the tour will start from the camp. You can park your car for free at the rest house.
  • Will traveling solo be an issue?
    Solo traveling is no issue with us. All of our tours can be tailored for a solo traveler.
  • Is it safe to travel solo, especially if you’re a female?
    The bedouins are very hospital people, who only want the best for their guests. Our camp is no different. From we pick you up, til we drop you off, you’ll be part of the family, and we’ll take care of you, as if you were a sister. We’ll ensure your safety!
  • Can we bring children to Wadi Rum? And will it be suitable for them?
    We have families with children staying with us in the camp all the time, and it seems to be no issue! If your kids love the outdoors, they’ll have a blast exploring the desert and rolling around in the sand. Our jeep-rides can be a little bumpy, but we’ll make sure to adapt to a suitable pace for you, and your family.
  • Do I need to be in good hiking shape to visit?
    Absolutely not. We offer jeep-rides to take you to all the sights, and the stars will look the same, regardless of your physical condition.
  • Do you take food allergies into consideration?
    Most of our food is vegetarian, gluten - and lactose free, and we don’t really use nuts in our cooking. You can read more about what kind of food we serve under here: Food Breakfast Our breakfast consists of a spread of spread for bread: Eggs, jam, cheese, hummus, havla, tomato sauce, mashed beans and flatbread. Lunch Lunch variates, depending on the tour you’re on. Dinner Zarb Zarb is the main event of the evening. It’s a traditional local dish, cooked underground. We dig a hole in the sand, and light a fire in the hole. Once the fire is burned out to only coals, we cover it and lower meat, vegetables and potatoes on top of the coals to slow cook, before serving it with rice. Arabic salad Diced cucumbers and tomatoes turned in tahini with garlic and lemon juice. A pot with tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini, eggplant and spices are served on the side, along with flatbread and hummus.
  • What if anything happens while in the desert?
    We have jeeps and people at the camps at all times, so should anything happen while you’re with us, we’ll be able to drive you back to the village to be seen by a doctor.
  • Is it possible and safe to go on tours while pregnant?
    We don’t recommend jeep tours to pregnant women late in the pregnancy, since the tours are very bumpy and can be a bit rough. But with that said, you know your body best, so if you think you’ll be alright, then we don’t see why not.
  • What will the weather be like and what to wear?
    The weather varies from winter to summer, so make sure to be prepared for the season you’re visiting. You can check the weather forecast here. Winter (Dec-Feb): Expect temperatures up to 16 degrees at day, and down to freezing degrees at night, so make sure to bring a warm and wind-proof jacket for the tours, and some warm clothes for the night. During the winter, we have a few rain showers, but they’re very quickly over, and shouldn’t affect your trip and stay at all. Check the weather forecast, and bring a rain jacket, if you want to be sure. It gets fairly chilly once the sun sets. Spring (Mar-May): Expect warm days, and cold nights, with day-temperatures between 20-35 degrees, and night temperatures dropping to 5-20 degrees. White and linen clothes are recommended during the day, but make sure to bring a warmer layer for the evenings and night time. Summer (Jun-Aug): We recommend not visiting at this time, if you’re not used to the heat. With average temperatures around 34 degrees in the baking sun, it takes some getting used to. The night temperatures drops to around 17 degrees. Definitely make sure to bring your airiest clothes if you’re visiting at this time. Autumn (Sep-Nov): This season is highly recommended, since the day temperatures are averaging between 20-32 degrees, and the night time offers temperatures ranging between 8-16 degrees. During this time white and airy clothes are recommended during the day, and a warmer layer might be a good idea for the colder nights. Regardless of the season you’re planning on visiting, good footwear is recommended for the tours. If you’re planning on going on hikes and climbing some of the mountains, make sure to bring appropriate shoes for the adventures. We recommend you leave your white sneakers at home, the red sand won’t contrast well with them.
  • How do I know if my reservation went through?
    Once you’ve submitted your request in our form, we’ll get back to you either via email or whatsapp, to confirm whether or not we have availability, and how much the combined packages and/or tours will cost. (Don’t be scared if you receive a voice note, we find that to be the easiest way to communicate, without any misunderstandings)
  • How do I make a reservation?
    You make a reservation by filling out our booking form here.
  • How do I pay?
    We accept cash (JD - Jordan Dinars) upon arrival. It’s not possible to prepay or pay by card, so make sure to bring cash, as the village doesn’t have an ATM or a bank. You may be able to make a cash withdrawal at the ATM at the visitor center.
  • Are there any cancellation fees?
    Since we only accept cash, no charge will be applied if you cancel your reservation. We understand that plans can change, so there’s no worries, but please let us know as soon as possible by email or WhatsApp.
  • Can I change the time of tour start?
    We can definitely make arrangements to accommodate your needs, so if you want to arrive in the evening and make the tour in the morning from the camp, we can make that happen, just inform us about this, when you book.
  • What language is offered on the tours?
    Our guides speak Arabic and English, and some have learned a few sentences from tourists in a variety of languages, but not enough to provide a tour.
  • Can I bring a backpack and luggage with me on the tour?
    We recommend you bring a daypack for the tours, and we can definitely bring your luggage if you're staying overnight with us!
  • What kinda tents do we sleep in at the bedouin campsite?
    Our campsite is provided with bedouin tents, built to resist the wind, sun and rain, to keep you safe at night. The tents are equipped with carpet floors, comfortable beds, with camel blankets and pillows.
  • Is there electricity in the camp?
    We run on solar power in the camp, so the electricity is limited, so if you’re planning on charging your phone, we recommend you bring a power bank. We will however have light and electricity in the bathroom & toilets.
  • Are there hot showers?
    YES! We have hot showers. The water is heated by the solar power system, so the water might get cold during the night, but you should be able to take a hot shower throughout the day.
  • What are the toilets like?
    We have European toilets with flush, in an indoor facility with running water to wash your hands.
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