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Hike the Hash Mountain in Wadi Rum

Get a ride to the roof of Jordan: hike the Hash Mountain you will see Jabal Umm ad Dami, the highest mountain of the country and say hello to our Saudian neigh boroughs from in Wadi Rum.

How to hike the Hash Mountain

After your Bedouin breakfast and the first cup of coffee you will be ready to start a unique trip to remember: get into the deep of Wadi Rum desert to hike the Hash Mountain, going to the south near the borderline with Saudi Arabia.

What we do it’s a non-common activity in Wadi Rum, come back to the past to explore the dessert as the way of Lawrence, without borders and following the stars.

Between 8 and 9 am the guide will arrive to the camp to meet you, introduce ourselves and explain about the trip. The way to the first stop it’s 20 minutes driving to the south, are you ready to feel the pure wind of the morning?

What you will see on the way to Hash Mountain and Jabal Umm ad Dami

During the way, you will see the purest sand desert and rocks, caressed by different green shades along the trip. Our first stop will be at the bottom of Hash Mountain, getting ready to hike it.

The adventure begins: time to hike to the top. But don’t worry about highness our climb, the way it’s pretty easy and the path it’s flat so you don’t note that are going to one of the highest points of Wadi Rum.

The guide will be ahead you to show the way and giving tips to walk, advising about the bests photo stops.

Time to the first discovery: the elephant rock. This savage formation was molded over time by the wind and all the weathers of the dessert to see as an elephant. Then the people help drawing an eyes and details to build a natural artwork.

At this point, you will have walked just 5 minutes, and 10 more waits to achieve the top. As you see, there’s no a big effort for the highest prize: the roof of Jordan.

Hike complete: the top of Hash Mountain

The sun begins to hug you tighter: you complete the hike to Hash Mountain and reach one the highest points of the desert, seeing all Wadi Rum from the highest possible point to reach in an easy hike.

Was 20 minutes riding the truck and 15 minutes through the path to the top, we will be there around 10 am. Now it’s time to full your eyes with an unbelievable landscape and explore by yourself meanwhile your guide starts the fire to prepare the Bedouin tea as the traditional way.

Before to move to next destination, enjoy your cup of tea seeing Saudi Arabia border office at horizon and prepare for more.

What else you will live after hike the Hash Mountain

The noon is arriving and you will need a refuel to continue exploring the desert of Wadi Rum.

The guide will drive by 10 minutes to take you thousands of years back to a mobile Bedouin tent, when a very local family set they house depending the season to manage their goats, dogs and chickens. Time for your lunch on the carpets: hummus, baba ganouj, tuna and galaya cooked by your guide and the family.

To finish a great experience, on the way back, the guide will choose a non-touched dune to you. Scale in the flat sand to feel it in your feet’s and see the different colors from the dune.

After 5 to 6 hours, you will have returned from the past and the non-crowded deeps of Wadi Rum with a local experience and the highest views on the region.

Do you already live this tour? Comment bellow to share your experience with us, and see all the available options for more adventures with Magic Bedouin Star.

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