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Wadi Rum Jeep Tours

To discover the entire desert of Wadi Rum nothing as the Jeep Tours. Starting from our camp with the guidance of our staff, the things that you will see depends on the choosed length of the tour.

Types of Jeep Tours to discover Wadi Rum

There’s a great diversity to have the chance to pick your best option or split the visit to the Wadi Rum desert in between different Jeep Tours.

Starting from two hours, the tours could reach three, four, five or full-day length (6+ hours). Almost all of them are departing after the breakfast in the main tent of Magic Bedouin Star, but other options are also available.

What you will discover in the Jeep Tours to Wadi Rum desert

Some points are making part of every tour, independent of the length. Khazali Canyon, Little Bridge and the Red Sand Dune will stay in each option.

If you want to live the sunset feeling the breeze, 2 hours tour it’s a great choice to have your first view or your last one, specially if you arrive in the middle of the day or before to leave.

The three and four hours tour will introduce you also in the Lawrence steps, seeing the house and the spring that characterize one of the most famous names in Wadi Rum.

Taking the five hours option or the full day it’s a trip to the real Wadi Rum life with the Jeep Tours. You will see hidden points that we know after a life in the desert, enjoying a tea boiled at the warm of the woods.

The experience with Magic Bedouin Star

Our Jeep Tours around Wadi Rum desert are guided by real Bedouins, growth in this land and giving the best assistance. They will tell the histories about every place that you visit, making the tea included in any tour and helping you in everything.

If you make a long tour, adding the lunch is also possible. Enjoy a meal in a Bedouin tent cooked by a nomad family or come back to the village to a restaurant, there’s options with tuna, hummus and special spices with pita bread or the special chicken cooked in the Jordanian Style.

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