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Wadi Rum Village

The Wadi Rum Village is a magic place, sited between ancient valleys in the South of Jordan and being one of the most interesting points of the country.

The history behind Wadi Rum Village

Just begging with the name, you can find answers about what is Wadi Rum Village: Wadi is the Arabic meaning for valley, and Rum means a high point. In the past, Wadi also was drought valley, but there’s different ones in Jordan with diverse characteristics.

The biggest Wadi in Jordan, is sited more than 1500 meters higher than the level sea. In between of the rock mountains we built our beloved city and develop a quiet life conserving our Bedouin traditions.

The Village was declared as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 2011, having Bedouin families living in the desert as the traditional way since ever.

Also, the Nabataea’s left an important mark here, and now different tribes are coexisting in the purest peace that you can find in the world. With years, the Village became in a world-famous tourist place, and a common place to film movies by their unique scenario.

How to arrive to Wadi Rum Village

To reach the Village, independent if you come from the south from Aqaba or the north from Wadi Musa or Amman, you will arrive first to Rashidiyah. In this town you will find the way that comes to the Village, 25 kilometers inside.

This straight way will guide you directly to the visitors center and then, after enter, continuing you will reach the central street of the Village.

Arrive to Magic Bedouin Star from Wadi Rum Village

There’s an easy way to do it: we will pick up you. After crossing the visitors center and reaching the main parking at the beginning of Wadi Rum Village, we meet there to drive you to our camp.

The busses and taxis are stopping there, and if come with your car you can park for free as much you like to stay in Magic Bedouin Star, placed in the middle of the Wadi Rum desert and surrounded of great viewpoints and attractions.

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