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Traditional Bedouin Meal

Updated: May 17

Without any doubts, between all the Bedouin traditions it’s one that marks a difference. The Tradition Bedouin Meal by excellence is the underground cooking, taking more than 2 hours and using the sand as a cover to make an unforgettable dinner.

Our Traditional Bedouin Meal

In our camp, the master chef became an expert cooking a traditional dish that will complete your experience with us in Wadi Rum.

Starting from the afternoon, we take care about each step to have a great dinner together in the main tent. Our Traditional Bedouin Meal - 'ZARB' is composed by chicken and diverse vegetables, like onions, potatoes and zucchinis.

We serve it accompanied by hummus, sauce and salads, completing the dinner with a typical lentil soup, characteristically from our region.

More about the Traditional Bedouin Meal

This tradition born in old times from our tribes, one of the reasons was the need to travel without much weight. The ancient Bedouin were in movement all the time, so they make the sand as their kitchen, making holes to cook and continue the way.

Now, as Bedouins we continue the tradition using this oven already built inside the sand floor. The rice is the best company for the chicken, and we serve it together to enjoy a Traditional Bedouin Meal in our tent with all the staff and customers as one group.

This dinner is waiting for you in Magic Bedouin Star, when we serve with a smile and very grateful to have the chance to spread some of our culture in any plate. Give a part of us with our customers is one of the most important things in our camp.

The dinner is included with the accommodation, let’s come to enjoy it around our fire place, play music and finish the night with Bedouin dances and tea.

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